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The Board

We are 5 Delft University of Technology students who dedicate 1 full-time year in order to help our fellow students to become entrepreneurs. We try to maintain the quality and knowledge of our predecessors while increasing the quantity and diversity of our events. Our board consists of students from different faculties, study phases and student associations, so that we can connect with all the different students in Delft and empathize in their needs.

With our events, courses and programs, we want to introduce every student from Delft University of Technology to entrepreneurship and support the development from student to entrepreneur.


The board members

Our 5 board members.

Yvette Sol


Yvette will lead the team as president of the Board.


Paulien Hoonhorst

Business Affairs

Paulien will manage the relationships with our corporate partners.


Petrik Buitenhuis


Petrik will manage our finances this year.


Frank Mintjes

Marketing & Community

Frank will manage the communication within our community as well as our marketing.


Els van der Valk

Education & Events

Els will manage our educational systems as well as be responsible for the logistics behind our events.


Interested in becoming a board member next year?

Each year will select new board members from both within our community as well as outside of it. The selection will start in February and will consist of many different stages in order to obtain a strong team that will take YES!Delft Students to new heights. If you wish to be the next board. Register here below.

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