Technology-Based Entrepreneurship


It takes a special kind of skillset to create and take on new market opportunities within the technology sector. This minor is designed to teach that skillset to those that would like to expand their technological know-how with the ability to turn it into business.

The minor is based around a semester-long case study of a technology driven company. Next to group work on the case study, you will follow courses on topics of finance, businessmodels, managment and more. To apply for this minor you will have to write a letter of motivation. Students from all Dutch univerities can apply. 

This minor is taught in Dutch.


You will learn how to analyze markets, technological developments and starting organisations. You will also learn how to utilize these analyses to recognize market opportunities. 

For who

All bachelor students of TU Delft, Leiden University and Erasmus University Rotterdam.


Minor code: MOT-MI-088

Study points: 30 ETCS

Max capacity: 60 Students

Language: Dutch 



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