Startup of Holland

The world's leading startup and tech event, annually held in Helsinki. The board will take some of its committee members to this event to show show the possibilities in organizing their own events. 




Area of interest

Practise Entrepreneurship




Free of charge

Startup of Holland

The Startup of Holland is an event inspired by "the Voice" talent competition. This entrepreneurial event will help student entrepreneurs improve both their pitches and their business plans.

The workshops

During the event the coaches will train you both in respect to your pitch as well as you r business plan. Before this however, the students shall give their first intro pitch. Based on the market or subject, the coaches will choose the startup/student they can help the most. After the students are connected to the coaches, the first round of training will be given.

There will be 5 rounds of training. The training regarding the business plan will be based on 3 different models. 

After the 5 rounds are done, each team shall give their final pitch. Here he winner will be decided to win special prices that will help you and your startup grow!

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