MedTech-Based Entrepreneurship


The Medtech Based Entrepreneurship minors have been developed to prepare students for entrepreneurship in general: an entrepreneurial method of working and starting new businesses in existing organisations, but also starting their own business.

The minor MedTech Based Entrepreneurship focuses on these elements in a medical context.

If you are interested in entrepreneurship in general, and the domain of medical technology in particular, this minor is an excellent starting position. Even if you’re not planning on developing your own business in this specific branch, it is an excellent case study to develop the skills that make a good entrepreneur.


You’ll learn about the innovation process within the medical context, the demands for medical products and the financial system of the medical world and a startup. 

For who

All bachelor students of TU Delft, Leiden University and Erasmus University Rotterdam.


Minor code: MOT-MI153

Study points: 30 ETCS

Maximum capacity: 60 Students

Language: Dutch 


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