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YES!Delft Students helps to bridge the gap between the great innovative ideas of the TU Delft students, and business application. In collaboration with the TU Delft, a number of Master courses in Entrepreneurship are provided. Here you will learn to harness your passion for entrepreneurship and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to become a successful entrepreneur. These electives are grouped in 3 categories:

THINK Entrepreneurial

In THINK courses you learn about conceptual models and methodologies essential, using existing business cases, to understanding the entrepreneurial and innovation processes.

ACT Entrepreneurial

In ACT classes, you become an entrepreneur. You start with a business idea, test its validity, and build a viable  business model – a roadmap to a sustainable innovation-driven company. Both individual and team coaching are central.

START Entrepreneurial

If you already have a well-developed business model, START classes enable you to move it into the execution phase by focusing on the operational aspects of building a successful business.

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