We aim to continuously provide our student entrepreneurial community with qualitative information, workshops and connections. In addition we wish to increase the knowledge spillover and network connections between our students entrepreneurs and alumni entrepreneurs. Currently, our community has many alumni which have a startup in the YES!Delft Incubator. 

We believe that connecting student entrepreneurs to these alumni would help future generations of entrepreneurs to start their own business as well. 



Do you have a great startup idea and the dedication to see it grow to its full potential? Are you motivated to combine your study with the hard work of starting up? Have you joined one of our educational courses and do you want to take your startup idea to the next level? Join our Student Startup Programme!


Are you wondering how the entrepreneural life is and do you want to startup but you don’t have any great startup ideas? Join are students community! You will be updated on all our events, ranging from ideation phase to realisation phase


Always wanted to be in a committee that was worth something? Do you want to learn new skills and develop yourself?  Register and get into the largest startup ecosystem of the Netherlands. 


Our YES!Delft Students Board consists of 5 students. We work full-time and for all student entrepreneurs. 

Why Yes!Delft Students?


Due to our connection to YES!Delft, our community and students are connected to the largest physical tech-startup community of the Netherlands. Benefit from our network of corporate partners, Delft University of Technology, (seed-) investors, alumni, hardware producers, lawyers, mentors, etc.


We are closely connected to the largest Tech incubator of Europe; ‘YES!Delft’. While we have different targets, are goals follow each other. This allows our student entrepreneurs to learn from the experience and knowledge within YES!Delft. 


We ar the oldest and most experienced student entrepreneurial association of the Netherlands. We have managed many different committees over the years. Over 80 startups have evolved from our events and programs. 

YES!Delft Students

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