Build Your Startup


In the Build Your Startup course you will do customer-centered innovation. We will introduce you to methods and tools associated with the lean startup and design-thinking philosophy. This will help you to validate if the problem/opportunity you’re addressing is real and if there is enough demand for your idea before you spend a fortune of time and money to build it into a startup. You will continuously go ‘out of the building’ to talk to your potential customers, observe them, learn who they are and what they need. Your learnings will be used to continuously improve the concept of your product, you might even have to change the target customer until you find a good problem-solution fit. You will assess the potential of your startup by sizing the market, analyse key competitors and relevant trends. Through experiments you will also have to figure out how much and in what way you will get paid for the value you are about to create for your customers (revenue model), so that you can make even more impactful solutions in the future!


Course 1: 

Individual and team coaching focused on validating your business plan and startup idea.

Course 2:

Individual and team coaching about doing entrepreneurship and building your first prototype.


For who

Students who wish to start working on their own startup idea under the expertise and guidance of YES!Delft and TU Delft entrepreneurs.


Code: ID 5659

Study points: BYS1 6 ECTS / BYS2 9 ETCS

Maximum capacity: All who wish to join

Language: English

Deadline of enrollment: 24-11-2019

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