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At YES!Delft Student we aim to inspire, motivate and educate students to become entrepreneurs. With more than 70 events throughout the year, our Student Startup Programme and TU Delft courses we bridge the gap between ideas and businesses. 

We believe in the innovative ideas of students.  By questioning all, they are the source of great ideas that one day will change both our society and economy. Our events, programs and courses provide students with all that is needed to turn ideas into startups. Nurturing and education students to become a successful entrepreneur.  

Connecting our community of experts, mentor, corporate partners and teachers with our student, we are the place WHERE STUDENTS BECOME ENTREPRENEURS.


YES!Delft opened the doors to its first location in 2005 as one of the first incubators in the Netherlands – next to the campus of the Delft University of Technology. YES!Delft Students was born from YES!Delft in 2009, which started to organize events and plan an educational system to focus on the development of students to entrepreneurs.  Today, we reach over 8000 students a year with our events. Converting over 200 students to become entrepreneurs and help with the founding of over 80 students startups in the last 5 years.  

Over the years, we have build a strong community that is self sustaining and aids each individual in the developments of student to entrepreneur. 

How do we differentiate ourselves? There are currently 10 student entrepreneurial associations in the Netherlands, each connected to an incubator. We differentiate from these associations by working full-time instead of part-time and offer in addition to events, also educational courses and student startup programs to actually help students become entrepreneurs. We take no equity as we are a non-profit organisation.  We believe that the students and student entrepreneurs comes first and we value quality of over quantity.

OUR Connection to YES!DElft

YES!Delft is the leading Tech incubator of Europe. They their goal is to build tommorow leading firms, which they accieve trought very effective programs and strict selection. One of their selection criteria is that the founders must be graduated. That’s where we come in. We, as YES!Delft Students, form the bridge between the students to successful entrepreneurs that can follow programs of YES!Delft. This also means that our community is exposed to the ecosystem of YES!Delft wish increases knowledge spillovers and motivates students to start their own business as well. 

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