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About YES!Delft Students

We believe in the innovative ideas of students.  By questioning all, they are the source of great ideas that will one day change both our society and economy. Our events, programs and courses provide students with all that is needed to turn great ideas into successful startups. We aim to both nurture and educate students to become a successful entrepreneur.  

Connecting our community of experts, mentor, corporate partners and teachers with our student, we are the place WHERE STUDENTS BECOME ENTREPRENEURS.

What we do

We are an non-profit association which aims to inspire, motivate educate and help students to become entrepreneurs.


We provide and facilitate courses at the TU Delft, so student learn about entrepreneurship and have the opportunity to become an entrepreneur while studying. In addition, we help students get ETCS for working on their own startups.


We organise more than 70 events per year. Our events are mostly about entrepreneurship. We help you work on your hard and soft skills, provide an entrepreneurial network and teach you what it’s really like to have your own business.  


We’ve created a programme in which students get a hands-on approach and guidance from veteran entrepreneurs to work on their start-up ideas. The program is tailor made to work on their start up whilst also being able to finish their degrees successfully.

Our Partners

To help us improve the world through students, we proudly present our partners.

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