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Women & Men!

So many great things are happening in the world of entrepreneurship. Life-changing innovations, driven teams and a great mix of hard work and fun. The only thing we noticed is that so few of the entrepreneurs are women. Let’s find out how we can change this! Every session we will discuss a certain topic, get to know each other, share stories and decide the topic for the next session together.

Theme of the fourth edition: Hidden Strenghts | The power of gender diverse teams

Everyone is welcome: students, professionals, entrepreneurs, men and women!



YES!Delft Students
Molengraaffsingel 12
2629 JD Delft
Tel: +31 (0)15 278 29 36

Important Dates

Hidden strengths | The power of gender diverse teams

June 15th

Challenges or chances?

April 25th

How can we get more women involved?

March 17th

(Why) is there a difference between male and female entrepreneurs?

Januari 18th