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TEDxDelft Award Committee

The TEDxDelft Award is one of the biggest events of YES!Delft Students. The TEDxDelft Award is an qualifying round of the TEDxDelft. The TEDxDelft is an yearly event in which speakers share their technical ideas with 1000 visitors in the auditorium of Delft. Boyan Slat of the Ocean Cleanup was one of the participants for example. There is a lot to organize and there is room for many new ideas within the TEDxDelft Award committee.

Interested to hear ideas worth spreading? Well you are in luck! The TEDxDelft Award is on its way! Stay tuned for more info!

But what is the TEDxDelft Award? The TEDxDelft Award is an award which provides students and PHD candidates a platform where they can share their idea. The award is not only a one time event, but a complete track! Within this track there are several workshops which are meant to help participants develop their idea and their pitching skills!

In the final, the different pitches will compete for the award and a wildcard giving the winner the chance to spread his/her idea at TEDxDelft 2016! It will be an evening full of inspiring talks, music and much more!

Curious? Check out our Facebook for more information and previous events! also don’t forget to check our aftermovie!

2016 – 2017

Marketing Manager:
Treasurer & Recruitment:
Business Affairs:
Secretary & Logistics:


TEDxDelft Award 2017


Yaron Hendrik
Laurien Roest
Constance Hoek
Kasper Ijzermans
Jessie van Dam
Niels Maltha


Former TEDxDelft Award Committee

2015 – 2016

Treasurer &:
Business Affairs:
Marketing Manager:
Event Manger &:


TEDxDelft Award 2016

Vera van Maaren
Jules Sekimonyo
Nils Herber
Guusje Jans
Rosa Bos
Iza Bergman
Liesanne Wieleman