Startup your Race

Volvo Ocean Race

The Volvo Ocean Race is among the worlds toughest sports Events.

For the second time, Team Brunel takes part in this nautical marathon where teamwork, perseverance and engineering make the difference between eternal glory and forever wondering what if. Driven by results and the highest ambitions for ourselves and our people, we’re engineered to move faster. Across oceans and throughout your career.

Startup your Race

Are you competitive, entrepreneurial and a teamplayer? Compete in Startup your Race where Brunel and YES!Delft Students team up to bring the Volvo Ocean Race to you. How does it work?

YES!Delft Students organizes tons of events during the coming year where you can find out if you have what it takes to start your own Startup. At these events you can earn points for Startup your Race!


Are you one of the most competitive and entrepreneurial students who leads the Startup your Race ranking at the end of the year? Then you will get the chance to experience the Team Brunel Volvo Ocean Race firsthand at the finish in Scheveningen!

Claim your first points now 

Josu Extebarria 50Points
Silas Jensen 40Points
Mehdi Kebdani 30Points
Davey Struijk 30Points
Ninad Joshi 30Points
Jonathan Budez 25Points
Anne Reumer 25Points
Jaime Ascencio 20Points
Martinez de Apellaniz 20Points
Nicolo Perfranceschi 20Points
Jorn Rigter 25Points
Isis Zazueta 20Points
Siddharth Kalra 20Points
Maulik Shah 20Points
Sander Hoving 20Points
Henrique Carneiro 20Points
Husain Kapadia 20Points
Mina Kocaman 20Points

Catapult yourself to the top of our ranking by checking out upcoming YES!Delft Students events! 

Catapult yourself to the top of the Startup your Race ranking by attending YES!Delft Students events!

If you didn’t make it into the top ten yet click here to find out your ranking!