Ready to Startup!



Ready to Startup! is a highly interactive course in which you will develop your own business from scratch. In 12 lectures you will gain all knowledge and receive the tools needed to build your business successfully and – most importantly –apply the concepts to your own business. In an energetic environment you will:

  • Improve your business concept and business model by getting challenged, by the other teams participating and by consultants from Roland Berger
  • Define your market and get in touch with customers via the great network in place
  • Learn the basics of your companies’ finance and how to finance your business from accountants, bankers and investors
  • Learn about IP, legal and tax issues and make chance to win support with filing for a patent to the value of 5000 euros
  • Build a strong team and discover your motivation in an out-of-the-box setting
  • Practice with pitching your concept
  • Present your plan to a prominent jury, potential investors and a public of other interested people and get the chance to win 1500 euros

The course is worth 6 ECTS credits, but experience learns that more time should be spent on the course: after all, you’re taking the first step towards owning your own business. The lecture series will be given in English!

Ready to Startup!
Every Wednesday
13:45 – 17:30

Who can apply for this course?
Anyone who is passionate about starting your own business! Professionals, entrepreneurs and fellow-students.

Ready to Startup! is a course for students & PhD students who are planning to start a business. Since having a team when you start up a new business is key, participation in the course requires that you have a team of at least two members. If you have an innovative idea but still need a teammate, or if you have the entrepreneurial spirit but need a team with an idea, please join the Facebook Group.

People involved
Unique of the course is that it is entirely organised by professionals (i.e. Roland Berger, EY, Arnold+Siedsma, Holland VanGijzen, Rabobank and many other partners). They share need-to-know concepts from their experience and support with applying them to your own business concept. Moreover, every lecture entrepreneurs will share their experiences. Most of all, an environment in which teams coach each other is created, for instance by organising weekly drinks after class. The resulting energetic discussions during and after the lectures are seen as the great value of the program.

Outside class hours, you will receive coaching from consultants of Roland Berger, obtain support on your financial plans by EY and get the possibility to leverage on the great network of partners involved in the course.

Former participants
Ready to Startup! is an initiative which started already in 1995. Since then, plenty of successful enterprises has been the result. To give an indication: 40% of the companies at the YES!Delft incubator have participated in the course!

Information Session |  September 10th 17.00 @ YES!Delft

Application Deadline | September 17th

Selection Interviews | September 18th

Start Lectures | September 25th

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