Global Entrepreneurship Week

12-16 November


Check out the program of the Global Entrepreneurship Week Delft below:

Kickoff the Global Entrepreneurship Week with an inspirational lecture and a lively debate!

12.45-13.45  Lunch Lecture ‘The road to success’ @EWI Lecture Hall Data

Join us for the stories of two successful YES!Delft Startups: Nerdalize and Exo-L!

17.00-18.30 Debate: Speed vs. Size @ EWI Hall Ampere

Join us for a panel in which entrepreneurs and multinationals will discuss the impact they can have on the world.

What resources are necessary to make a difference?

How much does a single employee of a big corporate contribute to the total impact of this company?

How can entrepreneurs make a difference in the world, with their limited resources?

Find out during the debate!

DCE Lunch Lecture: Momo Medical (12:45 – 13:45 @IDE Arena)

Experiences in lean and rapid prototyping

Think like a Venture Capitalist!

17.00-18.30 @ 3ME Lecture Hall C

Learn more about an essential element of starting your own company: attracting the capital to actually build it!

Lunch lecture: The Entrepreneurial Mindset 

12:45-13:45 @3ME Lecture Hall C

What mindset does it take to build your own business?

Come listen to what the entrepreneur and Dutch National Champion Pitching Jouri Schoemaker has to say on this topic!

Jouri is the co-founder of the high-tec startup Shake-on, and has lots of hands-on experience with the highs and lows of starting your own company.

He will speak about taking risks and facing challenges, while also remembering to enjoy the ride!

Inspirational Lecture + Workshops

How bad is feeling embarrassed about your product launch?

Come listen to Willem Kesteloo, Co-Founder of PHYSEE

17.45 Doors Open, 18.30 Event Starts @ Room A TBM Faculty

Register by Nov 12, by sending an email to with subject ‘attend’.

Lunch lecture: Women in Entrepreneurship

12:30 @ TBM Hall A

We all know about the gender gap, which causes women to earn about 80% of what men in the same positions earn. But have you ever heard about the gender investment gap?

Why was in 2017 only 2.2% of all Venture Capital invested in Startups with female founders?

According to research, female founders pitching their ideas to investors receive significantly less than men.

Josefien Groot, CEO and Co-founder of YES!Delft Startup Qlayers will discuss her experience as a female founder during this lunch lecture.

Come and see how female founders face these odds and thrive!

Do it! Game

18:00-20.00 @ YES!Delft

In this game you’ll build a company from scratch. You’ll tactically try to get contracts with professional employment agencies, investors, chamber of commerce and much more. See for yourself what it takes to be an entrepreneur! Come with friends and try to become the most successful startup of the evening! No idea or team required for application!

YES!Delft Tour

10.45-11.30           12.45-13.30           14.45-15.30            @YES!Delft 

Do you want to see the inside and get to know the insights of the #1 Tech incubator of Europe? Join us now on the YES!Delft tour and get familiar with the newest technologies and start-ups! Only during the tour, YES!Delft will open their doors for all the students interested!

Meet with a YES!Delft Startup Scout!

Do you have a great idea for a startup that you would like to run by one of the YES!Delfts startup scouts? This is your chance! Sign up to have a 15 minute meeting, where you can discuss your ideas feasibility and possible next steps.