Did you know that the TU Delft offers a wide variety of programs and courses that teach you how to create a successful business? In cooperation with the Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship and several other parties, YES!Delft Students supports education in entrepreneurship. The courses and programs mentioned on this page are open to students from all faculties. Have a look!


Master students who are interested in Technology-based Entrepreneurship can opt for the Master Annotation Entrepreneurship program.

The program trains you to gain entrepreneurial skills and knowledge on starting a tech-based start-up. It combines a set of courses (>15ECTS) and an additional thesis part (5ECTS) to the main graduation project that touches upon entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship in the sense of this program can vary from starting up your own business to establishing entrepreneurial projects within existing business environments and establishing a culture of corporate entrepreneurship. If you complete the program successfully you will receive a Certificate of the Annotation Entrepreneurship along with your MSc degree.

Contact Victor Scholten ( if you want to know more about the program as a whole or how to implement it in your individual MSc program.



International Entrepreneurship and Development

The minor International Entrepreneurship and Development  consists of and an internship in a developing country. Subjects such as entrepreneurship, business finance and marketing, development theory, project management and intercultural communication are discussed.


Tech Based Entrepreneurship

The Tech Based Entrepreneurship minors have been developed to prepare students for entrepreneurship in general: an entrepreneurial method of working and starting new businesses in existing organisations, but also starting their own business.


MedTech Based Entrepreneurship

The MedTech Based Entrepreneurship minors have been developed to prepare students for entrepreneurship while focusing on the domain of medical technology.



Turning Technology into Business

It takes more than engineering know-how to make technology work. Find out how in this MSc elective.


Ready to Startup!

Are you planning to start you own business? Ensure a kicking start by joining our MSc elective Ready to Startup!


Cleantech Challenge

The course CleanTech Business Study (course code: MOT9515) exists of 6 workshops to prepare your team for the global CleanTech Challenge, and gain 5 ECTS!


Build your startup

Build Your Startup is an elective course (15EC, 6  or 9 EC optional) for MSc students of all TUDelft faculties who dare to try to build their own business while studying.