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Do-It! Game


Is there an entrepreneur lurking inside of you? Do you know how to set-up and run a succesful business? Come and test yourself in the Do-It! game. Anyone can join, all you need is the right mindset!

The Do-It! Game is a unique serious gaming initiative, during which participants run their own fictional business in a digital environment. During the game you will be conronted with the tasks and decisions startups face in their first years. However, you don’t face them alone. Professionals from YES!Delft Students partners will guide you every step of the way.

While playing, you will learn when to file a patent, what subsidies apply to cleantech initiatives, how to approach an investor, how to limit financial risks and much more!

So sign-up, and find out whether there is an entrepreneur waiting inside of you.


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Important Dates

Do-It! Game

December 7th 2016